A Beginners Guide to Vaping

It’s hard not to take notice- the vaping trend has evolved from cool fringe technology to full blown craze. There’s a lot to like about vaping. It’s cheaper than smoking tobacco (yes, even pipe smoking). The vapor is cleaner and more pure than even light tobacco smoke. The options are nearly endless when it comes to vaping- everything from flavor, nicotine content and strength can be changed to fit the vaper’s preference. While it used to be difficult for vapers to get the supplies they need, it couldn’t be easier today. Vape shops are popping up in cities throughout the United States, and the supplies are simple (and legal) to get.


You’re probably thinking “Sounds great, but how do I get started?” The world of vaping can seem intimidating. There are countless parts, phrases and technical terms to learn- but don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ll start with the basics. A vaporizer unit consists of three basic parts: a battery, an atomizer and a tank. The battery is just what it sounds like- the body of the vaporizer that can be plugged in to charge and power your vaporizer. They range in price from a dozen bucks to a few hundred dollars. There are two basic types, fixed voltage and variable voltage. A variable voltage battery allows you to change the flow coming from your battery to the atomizer, creating more vapor with each puff. Fixed voltage batteries create a constant flow. If you’re just starting, a basic fixed voltage battery will do.

smokingoutthNext up we have the atomizer. The atomizer is essentially a metal coil with a wick run through it. As the wick soaks up the e-juice (the source of the vapor), the coil heats it and converts the juice into vapor. Some vaporizers enable users to change the coil or the wick themselves if they are damaged or burnt out. For beginners, a simple disposable atomizer will fit the bill.

Finally, we have the tank. The tank holds the e-juice and delivers it to the atomizer. Most tank have a standard thread size to function with the majority of atomizers. Some tanks have an atomizer permanently affixed inside them, and once the atomizer is burnt out the entire tank is disposed- called tankomizers. When it comes to tanks, it is usually best not to buy too cheap. A cheap tank will leak, or fail to properly feed the atomizer, called flooding. Try out a few options to see which you like best. For a beginner, a tankomizer is a good fit. For all of your vaping needs, by far the best place to shop is at eJuice Farms, where vaping is better for lower prices, guaranteed.